Air Purifying Module 

Filter box designed for commercial spaces without HVAC system.


PRODUCT  |  Air Purifying Module

The Air CleSan filter box provides a clean ventilation solution for small and medium-sized spaces without HVAC systems.

Are you concerned about indoor air pollution from CO2, infectious agents, and outdoor air with fine dust?

The Air CleSan filter box can be connected to an existing heat recovery ventilator, minimizing indoor temperature changes and quickly supplying fresh air indoors.

It can be connected to the existing ventilation duct, ensuring ventilation with fresh and clean air even in dense fine dust conditions

The Air CleSan module-equipped filter box takes pride in its robust performance, delivering clean ventilation with solid equipment.

Model   FB_1500
   640(W) X 578(L) X 1120(D) mm
Materials   Filter unit: Flame-retardant ABS, SUS304 / Case: EGI Steel
   Base: Pre (chlorine mesh) filter + CFM_AHU_1250-1500
   Option: Activated carbon filter for gas removal 
Energy Efficient   1st grade

   1,000 m³/hour

Pressure drop   2.8 mmAq
Efficiency   PM0.3(ultrafine dust) 91.2%,
   MERV14(cleaning period of  12months )


Certification   ISO14001, 9001,
   Green Technology Certification,  Green Product Confirmation 
Specification   >Anti-Bacteria 99.9%
   >Anti-Virus       99.5%
Control   External control panel (on/off/air volume), additional ventilation fan attachment possible.