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Conductive Air Filter
Aluminum coated filter

Electrically conductive filter material coated with aluminum on highly breathable PET textile.

It has passed RoHS testing and has 99.9% antibacterial and 99.5% antiviral characteristics.

Additionally, it boasts durability, consistently maintaining high electric conductivity even after water wash and dry for over 10 times and more.

Technical Data

Sheet Resistance
   Less than 10
Pressure Drop
   ~ 5Pa @10cm/sec
Particle Removal Eff.
   More than 99.97%
   @ 0.3  μm Particle size
Anti-microbial Property
   Anti-Bacteria 99.9%
   Anti-virus       99.5%
   More than 10
   Water and Alcohol washable

RoHS Data

Heavy Metal
(Cd, Pb, Hg, Cr6+)
   Not Detected
Flame Retardants
   Not Detected
Haogen Content
(Br, CI, F, I)
   Not Detected
   Cl (145.2ppm)