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Air quality care services

Air quality management is very important especially for multi-use facilities including
offices, hospitals, shopping malls, accommodations, and public facilities.

Air quality management services are carried out in the following order:

01 Air quality survey in the building

02 Survey on the use of air filters in HVAC system

  • Air filter type  
  • Replacement period
  • Calculation of energy consumption

03 Setting air quality management goals

04 Air quality management service proposal

05 Regular management services provided

Air quality management services are carried out in the following order

Types of air quality management services

✓ HVAC energy management service 

To maintain healthy and comfortable indoor air, it is essential to have efficient air conditioning and ventilation systems, both of which consume a significant amount of energy. We calculate the energy consumption based on the current air filter in use and recommend the optimal air filter depending on your target air quality and management budget.

✓ Air quality measurement and management service

By monitoring indoor air pollutants, you can get a real-time view of air quality conditions.
We support optimal ventilation system operation depending on indoor and outdoor air quality conditions.

✓ Air filter replacement service

Air filters that are not managed and replaced within the specified period increase air conditioning energy cost
We offer periodic inspection, cleaning, and replacement services for installed air filters.

✓ Education and information services

To enhance air quality in buildings, we educate and provide information to building users about air quality, fostering a healthy indoor lifestyle.

✓ Click the “Calculate energy usage” button

You can calculate the energy consumption by the air filter.
Please send us information about the type, quantity, replacement cycle, and air flow rate of your filters currently in use.

These services can help you effectively maintaining and improving air quality in your building.

For inquiries about air quality management services, please refer to the contact information below. / 051-972-3693